Mileage wise this week was much more like a normal week.  The first part of the week was still a struggle as I was still fighting fatigue, but once I got to Wednesday, everything started falling back into place.  I’m excited about next week’s Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon. It will be my 2nd race and 1st half of this year.

Sunday, March 26 – No workout rest day. On a side note….Tar Heels to the Final 4!!!

Monday, March 27 – 5.3 miles at a 10:00 pace.  Everything hurt. I really want my energy and stamina back.  Who knew that a week after a one day bout with the stomach bug, you could still be struggling for energy.  Ugh! Followed up my run by 48 minutes of strength training.  First time in the gym in a week and my muscles felt it.

Tuesday, March 28 – The pace was a little bit better today.  5.5 miles at a 9:37 pace.  Still not all the way back, but it was good to meet up with some friends at Mount Trashmore after missing both meet ups last week.

Wednesday, March 29 – 5.5 more. This morning I did 90/30 intervals for the first 4 miles, ran mile 5 straight through and then cooled down for the final half mile with more 90/30s. Pretty happy with my splits on this one too. I ended up at an overall 9:31 pace including mile 1 and the last half mile being at a 10:00 pace and mile 5 at a sub 9 pace.  No strength training today.

Thursday, March 30 – Never underestimate the power of Alka Seltzer Night Time on your body. the alarm went off and it just wasn’t happening. Unplanned rest day means that to hit my 125 mile per month goal, I’ve got to put in 10.3 miles tomorrow.  Yahoo!

Friday, March 31 – Due to the schedule of the day, I had to split my runs up to get the needed mileage for the month.  I ran 6.3 miles at a 9:51 pace before the kids had to get up for school and then I ran 4.2 miles more at a 9:45 pace after they boarded the bus. That gives me a daily total of 10.5 miles AND I hit my goal for the month.

Saturday, April 1 – After yesterday’s 10 miles, I took it easy and logged 4.5 miles at a 9:25 pace. Running with a heavy heart today as my dad is very sick right now after his first treatment of chemotherapy.



March 18 – Shamrock 8k (Va. Beach) 42:35 (PR)

April 8 – Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon (Chesapeake, VA)

June 3 – Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon (Ridgecrest, NC)

October 28 – Anthem Wicked 10k (Va. Beach)

November 11 – Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)

WTD – 31.3

JANUARY – 141.60


MARCH MTD – 125.20


YTD – 382.8

MILES TO GOAL OF 1,500 – 1,117.20

CURRENT WEIGHT – 238.2 (up 2)