I recently alluded to some news I had that would affect my training in the future.  I can now share that news with you.  Last month I was contacted by Kevin Gwin of The Extra Mile Podcast: Galloway Edition about being a ‘guinea pig.’  I was intrigued, so I asked what it was going to entail.  Here’s the deal.

You all know that I am running my first full marathon in November.  I have been given access to the Galloway Customized Training Program with coach Chris Twiggs.  For my part of the deal, I have agreed to follow the training program exactly as it is prescribed. The Extra Mile Podcast: Galloway Edition will follow my progress from start to finish and I will be a guest on several shows between now and the Richmond Marathon so that I can talk through the process with Coach Chris Twiggs and it will give the podcast listeners a glimpse into what this training program is all about.

On Monday of this week, I received a 15 question form to fill out and return to Chris Twiggs.  I did that and by Monday night I had my customized training schedule delivered to my inbox.  The schedule kicks in on Tuesday.  You will definitely see a change in my training, but I am excited to go through this process and give my honest evaluation as we go along for the next six months.

The one thing with me being on this training plan is that I am not sure that my 1,500 mile/year goal will happen.  Consequently, I am putting that goal on the side and am going to let the mileage play out however it does from going through this plan.

Enough about that for now.  Here’s the week’s breakdown.

Sunday, May 7 – Rest Day

Monday, May 8 – 6 miles at a 10:07 pace.  For some reason, I found myself fighting some muscle fatigue on this one, but I got it done.

Not feeling it today, but glad to be done.

Tuesday, May 9 – Galloway Customized Training Plan Day 1 – Ironically, no run today.  It was a cross training day.  I went to the Y this afternoon and did 43 minutes of strength training. For the record, I hate planks!

Wednesday, May 10 – GCT Day 2 – 30 minute run.  Today’s workout called for a 10 minute warm up at my long run pace which for the moment involves a :50/:20 ratio. After that I did 5 minutes of cadence drills and another 5 minutes of acceleration gliders. After that I did another 10 minutes of cool down at my :50/:20 ratio pace.

I have to say that cadence drills and acceleration gliders are no joke.  As someone who has typically been running at least 4-5 miles per day, 5 days a week, I honestly didn’t expect today’s workout to even be that challenging.  When I walked in the door, the sweat was dripping and I could certainly tell that I had gotten some work done.

Thursday, May 11 – GCT Day 3. Today’s schedule called for light cross training.  Immediately, my mind said, ‘Woohoo!! Weights!!’ As crazy as it sounds, lifting is my favorite form of cross training.  Well, I continued to read the details of today’s workout and it specifically said that today was NOT a day for lifting.  I have learned that I will do my weight training on run days so as to not overtax the legs on days that are supposed to allow the legs to rest.  Three days in and I’m learning already!  As a result, I decided to take an hour long walk.  I can’t remember the last time I walked for an hour that wasn’t a ‘walk of shame’ on a long run that went south.  I enjoyed my time out there and got 3.4 miles in.

Friday, May 12 – GCT Day 4 – Rest Day


Saturday, May 13 – GCT Day 5 – Magic Mile Workout #1. Today’s workout was a track workout (my first ever) that involved a 1 mile warmup at my long run pace, then a 1 mile run where I’m pushing pretty hard (not to the point of puking) and finally a 2 mile cool down back at long run pace.  Big picture is that it was 4 miles at an overall pace of 9:24. The important part of today’s run was that 2nd mile (my Magic Mile). I ran that mile in 7:27.7 which was much better than I expected.  Given my recent races, I was figuring it would be somewhere between 8-8:15 so I am very happy with that.


March 18 – Shamrock 8k (Virginia Beach, VA) 42:35 (PR)

April 8 – Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon (Chesapeake, VA) 2:07:52 (PR)

May 6 – Breathe Easy 5k Run/Walk for Asthma Awareness (Virginia Beach, VA) 27:08

June 3 – Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon (Ridgecrest, NC)

October 28 – Anthem Wicked 10k (Virginia Beach, VA)

November 11 – Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)

WTD – 16.5

JANUARY – 141.60

FEBRUARY – 111.50

MARCH – 125.20

APRIL – 105.2

MAY MTD – 43.5

YTD – 527.0



5k – 22:44 (Breathe Easy for Asthma 5k, Virginia Beach, 5/5/2016)

8k – 42:35 (Shamrock 8k, Virginia Beach, 3/18/2017)

10k – 52:42 (Chick fil a Run with the Cows, Newport News, 5/28/2016)

17.76k – 1:44:38 (Independence Day Classic, Charles City, 7/2/2016)

Half Marathon – 2:07:52 (Dismal Swamp Stomp, Chesapeake, 4/8/2017)