Based on the information that was obtained from last week’s magic mile, Coach Chris Twiggs sent me some more data to use with my runs.  They used the magic mile to calculate what run/walk/run ratios I should be using for training.  As of now, my long run (conversational/warmup) ratio should be :60/:30, my half marathon rehearsal ratio should be 2:00/:30, marathon rehearsal ratio should be 1:30/:30, 10k rehearsal ratio should be 3:00/:30, and speed work should be 800s in 4:20 including a 20 second walk break half way through.  I honestly am loving all this extra data I’m getting through this customized training program.

Sunday, May 14 – GCT Day 6 – Today brought about a new to me workout.  Water Running.  It is meant to count as a running day for me, but doing it in the water takes away the impact of running on pavement.  Here’s the rundown of this workout.

5:00 warmup, :30/:30 x5, 1:00/1:00 x5, 1:00/:30 x5, 1:00/1:00 x5, and :30/:30 x5.

I was surprised at my fatigue level at the end of this 45 minute workout.  I was actually pretty tired and was walking a bit funny as I got out of the pool.

Monday, May 15 – GCT Day 7 – Race Rehearsal Run. 3.5 miles at a 10:01 pace. The run included a 10 minute warmup at long run pace, 15 minute run at anticipated race pace, and 10 minute cool down at long run pace.  I followed my run up with 42 minutes of strength training.

Tuesday, May 16 – GCT Day 8 – Cross Training Day. Heeding the advice of Coach Twiggs, since today was not a run day, I didn’t lift for my cross training.  Instead, I went to the gym and suffered through 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer.  I did a random hill workout on level 5 of the machine.  I hate ellipticals but I understand their value in providing a low impact cardio workout.  It’s all good, as I managed to read through a chunk of Ron Chernow’s Hamilton, which is the biography that inspired the broadway musical (which I’m still hoping to somehow snag tickets to when it hits the Kennedy Center later this year).

Wednesday, May 17 – GCT Day 9 – Drill Run Day.  I totaled 3.1 miles today during my run that included 10 minutes of warmup (:60/:30), 5 minutes of cadence drills, 5 minutes of acceleration gliders, and 10 minutes of cool down (:60/:30).  Once the kids were on the bus and headed to school, I was off to the Y where I did a 41 minute circuit training workout.  I’m still getting used to this lifting on running days thing.  I get the benefit, but it’s messing with my normal routine.  Ha!

Thursday, May 18 – GCT Day 10 – Easy cross training day on the program. This has become my day to take an hour long walk.  I walked 3.7 miles in 1:00:54 (16:29 pace).

Friday, May 19 – GCT Day 11 – ‘Rest Day’. Long run tomorrow. I put the rest day in quotation marks because today I had the opportunity to spend the day at one of my favorite places, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, with my friend Ben and his dad, Brian.  We had a great day, but I’m not sure spending 8 hours out in 93 degree heat was the best way to let my body rest prior to a long run.

One Picture, Three Rides
Shown here are Alpengeist (the tallest inverted coaster in the world), Le Scoot Log Flume, and in the background is InvadR which is Busch Gardens new wooden coaster.

Saturday, May 20 – GCT Day 12 – Long run day.  14 miles on the schedule using a 60/30 run/walk ratio. I overslept and didn’t start my run until 7:15 (can’t do that during the summer months). I felt great during most of the run. My program had instructed me to keep the pace about 1-2 minutes slower than anticipated race pace and I was clipping along somewhere around an 11:45 pace.  Then at mile 11.5 I absolutely hit the wall and ended up walking the rest of the way home. Consequently, I would finish the 14 miles with an 12:38 pace. The worst part of this run was that I started to get chills about a half mile from home and once I got home and got in the shower, I just about collapsed.  As irony would have it, as I sit typing at 1:15 in the afternoon, the temps have fallen into the low 60’s instead of the upper 70’s where they were as I ran this morning.  First of many marathon training lessons learned today, I guess.


March 18 – Shamrock 8k (Virginia Beach, VA) 42:35 (PR)

April 8 – Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon (Chesapeake, VA) 2:07:52 (PR)

May 6 – Breathe Easy 5k Run/Walk for Asthma Awareness (Virginia Beach, VA) 27:08

June 3 – Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon (Ridgecrest, NC)

October 28 – Anthem Wicked 10k (Virginia Beach, VA)

November 11 – Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)

WTD – 24.3

JANUARY – 141.60

FEBRUARY – 111.50

MARCH – 125.20

APRIL – 105.2

MAY MTD – 67.8

YTD – 551.3



5k – 22:44 (Breathe Easy for Asthma 5k, Virginia Beach, 5/5/2016)

8k – 42:35 (Shamrock 8k, Virginia Beach, 3/18/2017)

10k – 52:42 (Chick fil a Run with the Cows, Newport News, 5/28/2016)

17.76k – 1:44:38 (Independence Day Classic, Charles City, 7/2/2016)

Half Marathon – 2:07:52 (Dismal Swamp Stomp, Chesapeake, 4/8/2017)