Sunday, July 30 – GCT Day 83 – Water Running. Sunday is a hectic day for us.  Sometimes it makes workouts tougher to get in.  Today became a rest day.  Since Saturday is only a 5 miler with a magic mile this week, I will do either some water running or some light cross training on Friday.

Monday, July 31 – GCT Day 84 – Hills x 8. Woke up and went out to Mount Trashmore for my morning hill workout. Was pleasantly surprised by the 62 degree temperature that welcomed me outside as I left my house.  The Galloway hill workout doesn’t have a ton of running involved.  Here’s a snapshot of the workout.

  1. Walk for 5 minutes
  2. Run/Walk/Run for 10 minutes – (30/30)
  3. 4 acceleration gliders
  4. Walk for 5-10 minutes and finish at the base of the hill.
  5. Walk up the hill
  6. Walk down the hill (counting the steps)
  7. Run 5 strides up the hill and come back to the start (repeat 5-10x, I did 5)
  8. Run up the hill and then walk down x 8
  9. Cool down walk (I added this part as it’s necessary to get back to my vehicle)

All in all, this workout totaled 6.5 miles for me.  The pace seems slow on paper, but each of this hill repeat splits were at a pace right around and occasionally below 8 minutes/mile.  All hill repeats were done in a time range between 1:18 – 1:20 which is pretty consistent.

I did not get my strength training in as I had to take our dog to the vet at the last minute.  Still a solid start to the week.


Tuesday, August 1 – GCT Day 85 – Cross Training. So last night, the dog decided to pace as though the world was coming to an end until about 3:30am. Consequently, when the 4:30 alarm went off to meet my running group, I shut it off and went back to bed.  Before you think that I blew today’s cross training off, I did not.  I just opted to do it around the neighborhood instead of at Mt. Trashmore.  I went for a nice walk at a sub 16 minute/mile pace.  Finished with 3.2 miles to start the month of August.  Oh, and for the second day in a row I enjoyed temps in the low 60’s for my workout!

Wednesday, August 2 – GCT Day 86 – 4×800.  Ok, so consistency will NOT be the theme of this relatively short 800s workout.  With only 4 on the schedule I decided to start a little bit later than normal and wasn’t hitting the pavement until 7:15am.  I also opted to not go to the track for this one.  I typically run my better and more consistent times at the track and that would play into today’s work.  The workout started with 15 minutes of warmup.  The plan was 5 minutes of light jogging (30/30), 5 minutes of acceleration gliders, and 5 more minutes of light jogging (30/30). Then the 800s started.  I absolutely smoked my first 800 with a time of 3:52 (this was also the only one that I followed my coaches instructions to the letter of the law).  The 2nd 800 was 4:04. I was still under the target time of 4:10 and I increased the one walk break from 15 – 25 seconds.  The 3rd 800 was 4:18.  Not good, however I again messed with the walk break and pushed it out to 30 seconds.  The last 800 was even worse at 4:25. I really messed around with this one though.  Rather than taking the walk break at the mid point precisely, I decided to take it when my cadence count hit 200 which put me slightly beyond the halfway point.  I also did a 25 second walk break with this one.  I had slightly heavy legs today, but still felt good about getting the work done.  After a cool down that roughly mirrored the warmup, there were 5.4 more miles in the book.  If you notice the times in between each 800, those are 400m walk breaks that are supposed to be at the same time mark as the previous 800.  Basically that’s half the pace of the 800.

Thursday, August 3 – GCT Day 87 – Drill Run. Dead and heavy legs made for a tough drill run, but I got it done.  Wasn’t thrilled with my pace during the 15 minute HMP portion of the run as I was almost a minute off of where I want to be, but I didn’t pack it in early and did the entire workout.  4.4 miles of running and once I completed the prescribed workout, I reset the Garmin and took a very slow walk the last .2 miles back to the house.   No idea what to expect from Saturday’s Magic Mile.

Friday, August 4 – GCT Day 88 – Rest Day. Ok, I know it says rest day, but I went out for a casual 2.6 mile walk at my mom’s house.  After missing Sunday’s workout and spending 5 hours in a car last night and most likely 5 more in the car tonight, I needed to do something to stretch the legs out.  Pace was slightly sub 17 minutes so I definitely wasn’t working hard.  I just needed to move a little bit.

Saturday, August 5 – GCT Day 89 – Magic Mile #4 (5 miles). Previous MM Times (7:27, 7:30, 7:23) Anyone that has taken up running and stuck with it, knows that there is so much to this sport that is mental.  That was incredibly true this morning.  After driving from Virginia Beach to just outside of Baltimore on Thursday night and then coming back to Virginia Beach last night, my body didn’t want to start moving.  The 6am alarm went off and was silenced.  I did eventually get up and talk myself into getting this workout done.

I have to be honest, I was expecting a time over 7:30.  The past month has been horrible on me physically (I’ve gained weight) as well as emotionally and psychologically. My legs have consistently felt heavy and I haven’t been able to hit my prescribed paces on most runs.  My warmup mile was faster than I thought so I hit my magic mile (mile 2) with some optimism.  Every time I checked my watch during the first half mile it was showing anywhere from a 6:30-6:55 pace.  I hit my walk break knowing I had a chance to beat my previous best MM, but wasn’t sure if I had spent too much energy on the first half. I was pleasantly surprised when my mile beeped off on my watch at a time of 7:14.8. That took 9 seconds off my previous best MM!  I finished out the 3 mile cool down part of the workout at a pretty slow pace, but didn’t care because I had smoked that mile.  Woohoo!! Now I can start freaking out about next Saturday’s 17 miler, not to mention 14x800s on Wednesday.

For those that are interested in my jars……the beads moved the right way this week.



March 18 – Shamrock 8k (Virginia Beach, VA) 42:35 (PR)

April 8 – Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon (Chesapeake, VA) 2:07:52 (PR)

May 6 – Breathe Easy 5k Run/Walk for Asthma Awareness (Virginia Beach, VA) 27:08

May 27 – Elizabeth River Run 10k (Portsmouth, VA) 59:32

June 3 – Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon (Ridgecrest, NC) 2:06:44 (PR)

August 26 – Patrick Henry Half Marathon (Ashland, VA)

October 28 – Anthem Wicked 10k (Virginia Beach, VA)

November 11 – Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)

WTD – 27.3

JANUARY – 141.60

FEBRUARY – 111.50

MARCH – 125.20

APRIL – 105.2

MAY – 90.4

JUNE – 103.2

JULY MTD – 87.8


YTD – 787.7


5k – 22:44 (Breathe Easy for Asthma 5k, Virginia Beach, 5/5/2016)

8k – 42:35 (Shamrock 8k, Virginia Beach, 3/18/2017)

10k – 52:42 (Chick fil a Run with the Cows, Newport News, 5/28/2016)

17.76k – 1:44:38 (Independence Day Classic, Charles City, 7/2/2016)

Half Marathon – 2:06:44 (Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon, Ridgecrest, NC, 6/3/2017)